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AdSystem Online

AdSystem is available on a hosted, ASP basis

What is ASP?

    ASP stands for Application Service Provider. ASP has become industry shorthand for software and services that are delivered via the Internet. Instead of paying up front for software, you “pay as you go.” Under the ASP model, you can rent AdSystem and access it over an Internet connection without having to purchase expensive servers or software. This frees up capital and resources so you can invest in other areas of your company.

How does it work?

    When you subscribe to AdSystem Online, we place a copy of AdSystem and your database on our secure server. You are given a login for every computer in your organization that needs to access the software. Using the Internet, you are able to login to our server and run AdSystem. Datafest takes responsibility to maintain and backup your database, so there’s no need for you to hire in-house technical staff. Your data is stored in a secured server that you can access from anywhere. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection.

Improved Service and Support

    Because your database resides on one of our servers, it makes service and support faster and easier. If you report a problem in AdSystem, we are able to access your database and see and correct any problems instantly. Your monthly fee includes priority telephone support.

Automatic Updates

    As AdSystem updates become available, we install them automatically for you. You always have access to the latest AdSystem features without having to purchase or install update CD’s.


    When you access AdSystem/ASP, your data is encrypted before being sent across the Internet, ensuring the security of your data. Our servers are kept in a secured data center, with nightly and off-site rotating backups to ensure that you’ll never lose your data. Access to the server is controlled by a firewall to protect your data from unauthorized access.

Some of the advantages of ASP software are:

  • Lower up-front costs.
  • Software updates are included and installed automatically.
  • Access AdSystem from both PC’s and Macintoshes
  • Access AdSystem from anywhere using only an Internet connection.
  • Improved service and support.