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The Premier Ad Management System

    AdSystem™ is the core of a family of products designed to give you a powerful competitive edge. Companies that invest in AdSystem gain better control of their business, improve their cash flow and instant access to an arsenal of information. They have the ability to recognize trends and the flexibility to react instantly to them.  AdSystem is more than just convenient -- it's strategic.

Integrated Sales / Ad Management

    AdSystem is a comprehensive ad management system with a rich set of tools for scheduling, tracking, producing and billing print, classified and web advertising.  When AdSystem is combined with AdContact it becomes a complete CRM, integrating sales, order entry, production, accounting and management into a single system. 

AdSystem features:

  • Contact Management / Customer Relationship Management (CRM)1
  • Integrated E-Mail1
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Production Tracking
  • Billing and Accounts Receivable
  • Sales Goals, Issue Budgets and Sales Rep Commissions
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Credit and Collections Tools2
  • Proposals and Contract Fulfillment
  • Classified Ad Order Entry and Production3
  • Web Ad Management4

    You only need a few keystrokes to schedule insertions; calculate pricing, discounts and commissions; prepare and print billings; and print monthly reports. Call up advertising accounts instantly, along with a history of phone conversations, letters, contracts, insertions and payments. Every aspect of a publication's advertising, from sales to production tracking to billing to receivables, is handled quietly and efficiently by AdSystem. The result? Vastly improved productivity; increased sales; growth.

Control Your Receivables

    Your company's cash flow can be dramatically improved by AdSystem. Billings are prepared and printed in a fraction of the time required by generic billing software. The Aged Receivables Report tells you at a glance the balance and age of each account.

    An optional Credit and Collections module offers collection reporting, dunning letters and follow-up reminders. Your notes about collection actions and phone conversations are logged right on the A/R screen, giving you a complete history of collection efforts.

    The resulting improvement in cash flow and control over your receivables may be the single most important aspect of the system.

Track Your Ad Production

    AdSystem tracks insertion orders from the moment they are entered. You'll keep track of ads with missing materials and know which ads need in-house production or client proofs. You'll know where to pick up ads that run repeatedly, and you can track materials by type and key number or file name. AdSystem tracks materials that have been submitted to the plant and identifies materials that need to be returned. It even offers a user-definable production status code for ultimate flexibility.


    Flexible design allows AdSystem to match your company's operations--instead of the other way around. You can define as many rate cards, ad sizes, and position charges as you desire. Billings can be configured to match your existing pre-printed forms or to be laser-printed on plain paper. Reports can be modified to suit the desires of your staff members. User-defined fields allow you to store any extra information you need. The flexibility offered by AdSystem enables it to work well for all types of publications, including dailies, weeklies, and monthlies; large and small; consumer, trade, association and general interest.

    AdSystem is built to grow with your company. You can literally start out with a single inexpensive personal computer and grow into a 100-user network managing multiple publications, without throwing anything away. AdSystem allows you to grow exponentially without a corresponding increase in your production and accounting staff.

Take the Pulse of Your Business

    AdSystem's built-in reports provide a pulse of all aspects of your company's advertising operations. Special reports are designed for each department: management, sales, production and accounting.

    Sales reports identify sales by issue, by rep, and time period and by ad size. Production reports list ads by issue, showing placement, sizing and production instructions. Accounting reports show aged receivables, cash receipts and detailed transaction journals. They'll even predict your future cash receipts! A rate verification report lists insertions which deviate from standard rate card pricing.

    Using AdSystem's optional Report Editor, you can change any of the reports or create custom reports to suit your needs. The Report Editor is an easy-to-learn visual tool that makes it simple to change a report.

    Any of AdSystem's reports can be output as HTML or as Rich Text Format files. This makes it possible to import the information into spreadsheets or databases, and to email reports to others.

    Finally, because AdSystem's databases are dBase/Foxpro compatible, you can create your own custom reports using third-party report writers such as Crystal Reports.

*1 Optional AdContact module
*2 Optional Credit & Collections module
*3 Optional Classified AdSystem module
*4 Optional Web Ad module

AdSystem Gets Your Company on the Same Page

   Does your company sometimes seem like like a group of departmental islands, each with their own database?  The Sales department using a contact management program, Production Department using spreadsheets and Accounting using a financial system?

   AdSystem gets your entire company on the same page, by providing an integrated CRM system handling sales contact management, order tracking, production tracking, billing and accounts receivable.

How does AdSystem benefit my company?

  • All users and departments on the same page.
  • Vastly improved communication
  • Fewer mistakes that can cost you money.
  • No more dropped or missed ads
  • Sales reps can see credit holds and unpaid invoices.
  • Centralized data backups
  • Contact history in one place -- instead of inside a sales rep's head or laptop.

How AdSystem Benefits Your Business

Imagine one system that manages every aspect of a publication's advertising--from sales to production tracking, to billing and receivables--AdSystem does it all!

  • Ad Scheduling
  • Production Tracking
  • Billing and Accounts Receivable
  • Sales Contact Management
  • Sales Reporting and Commissions
  • Classified Ad Order Entry and Production
  • Budgets, Goals and History
  • Contract Fulfillment, Short Rates
  • Runs under Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, and XP
  • Single or Multi-User Versions Available
  • Client-Server Database, ODBC SQL Access
  • Single or Multiple Publications