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AdSystem Release 6

AdSystem 6 Screenshot

Newest Features of Adsystem Include:


AdSystem 6 features a simplified interface for creating, printing and emailing proposals. Proposals can include any number of ads, web ads and other items.  Proposals can be given an expected close date and a percentage of likelihood.  A new Opportunities Report shows all active proposals by sales rep along with a forecast of revenue.  Proposals can be printed or emailed, and once a customer has accepted a proposal, they can be converted into orders.


One-Click Emailing1

Any form such as a Proposal, Contract or Invoice will have a button labeled “Email” at the bottom.  Clicking on this button will cause AdSystem to open an Email window that contains a PDF of the form already attached.  You just pick a recipient, compose the email and click Send.

Edit History

Accounts, Orders and Transactions all now feature an Edit History screen.  This screen shows a history of all significant changes to the record.  Now, when something changes, you can find out when it was changed and who made the change.


Lists are a powerful new tool for sales reps. Lists are predefined groupings of accounts. For example “My Accounts” is a listing of only accounts that are assigned to me. “My Reminders” is a list of accounts that have a reminder scheduled within a given date range.

The Account Screen now contains a Lists area at the right-hand side. By selecting a list you can filter accounts by that list.

In the past, you had to go into Grouping and create your own groups in order to get these kinds of lists. Now, you can just choose from the list.

Lists are a powerful way of organizing your day. For example you may want to start your day by getting a list of the day’s reminders. Next, maybe you want to get a list of all restaurants so you can start working on an upcoming special issue. Or, you need to see a list of your ads for the upcoming issue that are still missing materials.

Here are examples of the lists that are predefined in Release 6:

  • My Accounts
  • My Reminders
  • My Accounts by Quality
  • My Advertisers by Issue
  • My Recent Contacts
  • My New Advertisers
  • My Expiring Advertisers
  • My Accounts by State
  • My Accounts by Demographic
  • My Top-20 Accounts
  • Accounts On Hold
  • Missing Materials by Issue
  • Accounts Having Open Balances
  • Past-Due Accounts


AdSystem 6 has several new dashboards to make it easy to graphically view sales and goal activity. A Sales Rep Dashboard appears on the right side of the Accounts screen, showing the sales rep a graph comparing sales with goals for any period of time.

Installment Billings

AdSystem 6 makes it easy and automatic to handle installment billings.

You can set up a contract consisting of any combination of print ads, web ads, events and other items. You can then specify that the contract is to be billed on an installment basis, and establish a billing schedule. The billing schedule doesn’t need to correspond to the ad schedule.

For example, a contract might include six ads in one publication, three ads in another, a directory listing and a website banner ad. The total contract amount could then be divvied up into monthly invoices whose totals don’t need to match the ads which run that month. AdSystem will generate invoices for the contract according to the billing schedule.

1Requires AdContact option.