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Top Ten Reasons Why

    You Should Choose AdSystem:

  • 1. Powerful

    Gain better control of your business, improve your cash flow, and have instant access to an arsenal of information.

  • 2. Easy to Learn and Use

    AdSystem's intuitive interface is easy to navigate. The 'Accounts' window holds all of the account information, orders, transactions, activities, billing and mailing information on one screen. Your support agreement also comes with two hours of online training. Training on your site can also be arranged for an additional cost.

  • 3. Flexibility and Scalability

    AdSystem works well for all types of publications and frequencies: for monthlies, weeklies, dailies, classifieds, web ads, sponsorships, playbills, trade shows and more. And whether you have one publication or many, one user, or 100 users, AdSystem is built to grow with you.

  • 4. We Listen to You

    Most of the product design enhancements are the result of suggestions from existing users and prospective customers.

  • 5. Continually Improving

    Each system has been continuously updated and improved since we started the company.

  • 6. Solid and Reliable

    We have a long history of serving customers and meeting their needs. Datafest was founded in 1986 with the goal of providing superior software to the publishing industry. The years since have seen the introduction of key products that have won loyal acceptance in the marketplace.

  • 7. Excellent Support

    Our customer support is the best in the industry. Most questions and problems are resolved immediately, without waiting on hold. Our support staff is experienced, knowledgeable and takes personal responsibility for our customers' problems. Unlike many large companies, our support staff has direct access to the programmer who wrote the software, and can consult with him whenever special problems arise.

  • 8. Online Support

    We have an online knowledge base, tips, and updates are regularly posted to our FTP site for our customers that subscribe to a Premium Support Agreement.

  • 9. Stability and Growth

    Datafest is financially stable and profitable. Our small size means that overhead is low and we are not dependent on a high level of sales for survival. We continue to invest in the future through constant enhancement of our key products. Our growing base of customers comprises over 130 sites (500 + publications) across the U.S. and Canada ranging from large Fortune 100 companies to small publishing firms. Our first customers from 1986 are still our customers.

  • 10. Accountability

    Datafest's small size means that each employee is directly responsible for customer satisfaction. There is no passing of the buck, and no bureaucracy to hide behind. Problems aren't passed from desk to desk. We know each of our customers on a first-name basis.

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