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About Datafest Support

Our long-term commitment to customer satisfaction is the key to our success.

    The features and quality of a software package are only part of the purchase decision. Of equal importance is the company which produces, sells and supports the software. If the company isn't there for you when you need them, you will be stuck with some expensive "shelf ware."

    At Datafest, we view the purchase of our software as the beginning of a long-term partnership with a customer. Our ultimate success is dependent on more than just producing quality software, but also on training and supporting the customer's employees and helping them to adapt the software to meet their needs.

    Our customer support is the best in the industry. Perhaps because our software is easy to use, we receive only a few support calls per day. Most questions and issues are resolved immediately, without waiting on hold. Our support staff is experienced, knowledgeable and takes personal responsibility
for our customers' problems. Unlike many large companies, our support staff has direct access to the programmer who wrote the software, and can consult with him whenever special problems arise.

    Our support team can answer your questions accurately and resolve your issues quickly via phone or email. Our phone lines are open 8am to 5pm, MST, Monday through Friday.

    In addition, our support staff can log in remotely to diagnose and fix issues on your system or we can arrange to have you connect remotely to one of our computers to conduct remote training sessions.

Choose the level of Support that best meets your company's needs.

    With four different tiers of support available, ranging from Updates Only to Premium Support Plus , you're assured that you get exactly the level of support that your company needs. All support agreement plans offer web support, our email newsletter with tips and product news, discounts on AdSystem upgrades, updates via FTP and an annual AdSystem update on CD.